Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm not a girly girl. Never have been. As a kid I was awkward looking. I had bucked teeth, freckles, short red hair, and was often confused for a boy. Not much has changed, except for the bucked teeth! My husband's a lucky, lucky man!

How I ever ended up with a girly girl for a daughter is absolutely and utterly beyond me. But I did. And now I find myself suddenly wanting designer handbags, the newest fashions and long luxurious hair (which, if you've known me for any period of time, is not my usual style). I blame the girl!

A few nights ago, M got her first "big girl" haircut. Really, we just took an inch off the length and put soft angles in her hair, but it was enough to age her and make me feel like I no longer have a baby, but a diva!

Our good friend K comes to our house to give us haircuts, right in my own kitchen. How wonderful is that? We never have to leave the comfort of the same room that I prepare my food in. Wait...anyhow. K gave M her very first big girl haircut and of course, I documented it. we have M pre big girl haircut:

The girl has naturally blond highlighted hair that women pay hundreds for. She kinda sucks! Don't hate her cuz she's beautiful!

During the cut:

The girl loves to be pampered. Just wait until her box of 47 bottles of nail polish from her bestie P comes in the mail. YIKES! That will be another entry all of its own!

Here's my princess after:

Okay, so nice haircut, but the pictures are kind of EH! The photographer is me. I'm begging, pleading, bribing her to make a cute face or strike a pose or SOMETHING to make the picture more interesting.

Daddy decides to take over. I leave the room while the 2 bond. This is what he gets:

This is already more interesting, right? It gets better.

Say what?

Are you kidding me with this?


And I'm pretty sure this is when I walked back in the room:

Note the aggressive stance, clenched fists, and snarled lips.

I swear to you, when I was out of the room I heard an Austin Power like barrage of "Yeah baby, that's it, you're an animal, you're a tiger baby yeah....and I'm spent!"

She's my supermodel, diva, princess, and big girl all rolled into one. And my husband has a budding fashion photographer career in his future!

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