Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Song And A Shave

First up, my fave song of the week. Sweden seems to put out a good band every 40 years or me some Abba...well, here's Sweden's newest sensation. The Knife with their song Hearbeats. Has an awesome 80's feel to it. I simply love it!!

It seems appropriate that we go from The Knife to my 2 little ones getting an old school "shave" from Daddy. Daddy and little T have a ritual. Daddy lathers him up, gives him a "shave" and slaps on a little aftershave. It's their thing. It's adorable!

Lathering up

A little aftershave

Little T gives his seal of approval!

Miss M is not to be left out of ANYTHING!

Checking Daddy's work!

Ironically, I don't have a picture of Big T shaving, who actually DOES shave. But, I think this will do.

He'd kill me if he saw this! Thankfully, he doesn't pay attention much to me so he probably has no idea this blog even exists!

Shave and a cool song, 2 bits!

Pamcakes Glitterpants

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