Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So this is a blog?

Okay, okay, fine, FINE...I'll start a blog. I've never been one to succumb (that's a funny word) to peer pressure but I'll bite. So here I am, are you happy? Yes? Well, just wait. If you don't like occasional vulgarity, strong opinions, hilarity, cooking, kids, hair accessories and tutus, kids, fun, Republicans, red heads, kids, alternative rock, liquor, unicorns, rainbows, butterflies and GLITTER, then you've parked at the wrong blog. Back up and move on.

BUT, if you love all those things (Democrats are welcome!!) then please, throw it into park, take off your seatbelt, blast the radio, pull out your flask filled with your poison of choice, and feast your eyes upon THIS!
Yeah, I got nothing right now. It doesn't mean it won't happen.

How about this for a start? It's the day after Valentine's Day. You know, that Hallmark of all holidays? You know what I did yesterday, I made this:

It's a baton twirler hair clip that I made for my friend's daughter. Isn't it adorable? It was my first free hand clip (meaning I didn't follow a pattern) and I have to say, I'm rather proud of it.

I didn't make dinner, we had leftovers. I didn't wear red, I don't like red. I didn't get all mushy and romantic, it's not my thing (sorry dear!). I made a clippie. I bought my kids candy and cards, I bought my husband a card, and I heated up leftovers. One theory is that Valentine's Day is named after a martyred saint who supposedly had a feast on that day. So, shouldn't we be eating instead of spending $5 for a card and $15 for a box of candy? Another theory is, it's the day St. Valentine was killed. Oooohhhh...Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I made a clippie...it has red in it!!
Pamcakes Glitterpants

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